About Atrium Consulting

Atrium was established in 2010 to provide consulting and training services primarily to the IT Channel. We develop and deliver programmes and training courses in a variety of formats and languages. We develop our own course content and can incorporate existing materials modified to suit the style of the course.

Content creation includes:

  • Presentation materials
  • Training exercises
  • Role play scenarios
  • Videos
  • Interactive web exercises and video
  • Technical labs

Our courses include:

  • Soft skills
  • Selling skills
  • Technical training
  • Use of systems and tools

We have delivered training to many thousands of individuals in 10 languages across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Above all, we focus on the desired business outcomes and measure these results.

How We Deliver

All our training programmes start by developing a clear understanding of your specific goals and how the change in behaviour can be measured.  Courses are developed using formal methods to ensure every section of the course builds the required knowledge, skills and motivation to change or improve behavior.

Courses are tailored by using scenarios and exercises that are directly relevant to your company – based on proven training modules and approach. They are highly interactive – incorporating a balance of class work, individual and group exercises and role-plays.

A course schedule is then developed taking into account any specific requirements such as location, duration, language and delivery mechanisms.

Training formats include:

  • Face-to-face classes either on-site or at one of our training locations
  • Virtual instructor led courses – using our virtual platform
  • Interactive webinars
  • Web based training modules – for self paced learning
  • Individual coaching

Programmes can incorporate a blend of all of these formats to suit the needs of the individual or organisation.

Languages and Locations

Atrium has offices in Staines (near London Heathrow) and is soon to open an office in Hungary.  We deliver training and events throughout Europe. Our delivery languages include:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Videos can be created in many other languages.

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