Sales Training Courses

In-house training is a great way to ensure that your team’s skill sets are aligned to your business objectives. In-house training is cost effective, can be delivered at your chosen location on dates that suit you. Where there are multiple teams, you can be sure that they recieve the same training experience whether delivered on different dates, locations or even different languages.

We create bespoke sales training programmes based around our core modules. The structure of the course will meet your specific goals, and the exercises can be based on your company’s messages, market or even be tailored to support a specific campaign.

Core Modules

Sales training modules

Module Description
Introduction to selling Ideal for people who are new to sales or haven’t had any formal sales training.
Introduction to IT sales Ideal for people who are new to selling in the IT industry. This module focuses on the specific drivers and buying patterns for IT projects.
Introduction to telesales Ideal for people selling predominantly on the phone.
Face-to-face sales meetings Ideal for people meeting clients.
Sales pitch The sales pitch, also called elevator pitch, is a powerful sales message that differentiate the seller and their product and conveys a convincing message in a concise and clear way.
Objection handling Buying can be a complex situation for the buyer, so even a powerful and convincing sales message may not be sufficient. Any significant objections or concerns need to be identified, acknowledged and handled correctly.
Closing the deal The sale is only completed when the buyer clearly gives a formal commitment. This module is about reducing the sales cycle by identifying necessary actions and when it is legitimate to ask for the order.

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