Supporting business outcomes through behavioural change

We are expert in developing  and delivering training that supports your business goals.

We use our formal processes to ensure we meet the very highest standards – consistently.  We take a structured approach at every stage so that the training is not only highly interactive and enjoyable, but also has a measurable impact on your business objectives.

Understand business objectives to determine performance needs

Create courses to support development objectives

  • content
  • structure and method
  • support processes

Programme delivery

  • venue, registration, event management
  • training and events
  • project management and reporting

Measure results

  • ensure goals are met
  • continual innovation

Course Development

We develop individual courses to meet the agreed objectives.  We adhere to a course development process that have been carefully developed over the past few years and has proved to be extremely effective in creating truly interactive and engaging courses that result in the desired improvement (and not just be a fun day out for the delegate).

We have created in-house tools and process to ensure that our course developers adhere to the Atrium approach.  The key steps include:

Goal Setting

  • define and agree the desired behavioural changes
  • review these goals to ensure they are achievable and measurable
  • identify other inputs (non-training) that may be required for the client to fully achieve the overall business goal
  • Create an initial outline of the training structure
  • compile all dependencies to create the course and its content

Material Review

  • gather all existing materials that could or should be utilised
  • consult with SME’s
  • Summarise the key outcomes in terms of knowledge, skill and motivation

Storyboard Development

The storyboard is the key document that defines the course.  It provides the overall structure of the course, and includes timings, training methods, materials and the specific goals for every element of the training.  The storyboard is used to endure that the best methods are used at every stage of the course – keeping the course both interactive and relevant.

During the development of the storyboard, the need for new content and for where existing content needs to be modified will be defined. Once completed, the storyboard will refer to all materials and include the trainers guide.


All courses are reviewed and tested in-house.  Additional testing will depend on the specific project, but will often include a run-though with client stake-holders.  If the course is delivered repeatedly, then the feedback from trainer and delegates will be reviewed after every delivery to make any desired changes. If the programme of training runs over a longer period of time, then the updates may include new products, case studies, promotions and any other factors that change over time.

Content Creation

Course content includes all the materials used by the trainer as well as student guides and take-aways. As our courses are very interactive, there is generally a need for a range of material types – and certainly not a focus on power point presentations (or other forms of trainer lecture!).

We will use existing material where appropriate, but all new content is designed and created in-house.

Content creation includes:

  • Course data cards
  • Presentation materials
  • Training exercises
  • Role play scenarios
  • Use cases
  • Videos
  • Interactive web exercises and video
  • Technical labs
  • Student guides and handouts
  • Knowledge checks
  • Dedicated web pages

All content can be translated into the delivery languages as appropriate.

Programme Delivery

The best structured and delivered course is of little value unless the right people attend, with correct expectations and with a conducive environment.

We provide the services needed to ensure these elements come together.  We can run the entire programme, but often work with in-house and third party agencies to ensure overall project success.

Programme elements include:

  • Overall project management and reporting
  • Marketing collateral
  • Registration site and delegate management
  • Venue selection and management
  • Trainer and 3rd party speaker logistics
  • On-site event management
  • Feedback, reporting and PoE
  • Post delivery surveys

Our services are focused on the training delivery.  Where training forms part of a larger event, such as a follow-on hospitality activity, we are pleased to work with other agencies or client’s own marketing teams.  Similarly, we are pleased to work with marketing agencies to drive attendance – but do not provide contact lists, or keep delegate information for future marketing or promotional use.

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